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    Now you can focus exclusively on making every couples big day memorable. No more subscription fees, expensive ads and getting undercut.

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    With Wedding Composers, You win business based on your portfolio and rapport, Not listings or preferred placements based on your ad budget.

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    You tell us which couples you want to work with based on how you setup your vendor profile

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    Fill your calendar with the right couples through a proprietary qualification process.


How it works

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Get Matched
Approved vendors are automatically matched with couples based on their service details and the couple’s requirements.
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You have 72 hours to quote couples you matched with, only submit quotes for jobs you want to be considered for.
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With a leveled playing field, your portfolio and personality put you in the drivers seat to book jobs and give you a greater chance to eliminate open dates. No longer will you pay more to have a chance to be seen while working with real couples who are looking for exactly what you do.
Vendors are matched only with couples based on the services they provide, fit their budget and cover the location of the couples choice. Show off your portfolio and personality, finalize invoices, send contracts and get paid all via our platform while giving the couples peace of mind knowing only vendors with a Stripe account in good standing will be available to them.
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A level vendor playing field

Our risk free, pay only if you book platform levels the field and gives every vendor an opportunity to put their best foot forward. Our unique matching process and smart pricing tool helps eliminate competition and gives you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to lower your prices to book the job. You are in control of who you work with since no one knows your business better than you.

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We are currently accepting Venues, DJs, Bands, MCs, Singers, Musicians, Photographers, Videographers, Lighting Specialists and Photo Booths for registration,
Click here to be notified when your service becomes available for registration.


Payments handled
with ease

Wedding Composers uses one of the largest payment processors in the nation to handle payments.
It’s fast, flexible, seamless and secure.
Payments are split as soon as they are made, no more worrying about when you will get paid
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